‘Precious moments would be lost’

John and Pauline

Our own experience with loved ones dying in recent years has been my husband's Mum and Dad. Both were diagnosed with stomach cancer, Mum in 2011 and Dad in 2017, and spent their last weeks in a hospice. If they had been offered assisted suicide they would have missed out on those last months of precious time with family. 

They were overall kept pain-free both whilst they were still at home and when they were admitted to the Hospice. I was not present for Mum's death but John, my husband, was and he and his sister were able to be with Mum in her last days at the Hospice staying overnight each night with Dad and sister's husband staying with her during the day. They were overwhelmed by the care shown to Mum and by the care and compassion shown towards the family by the Hospice Staff.

I was able to be present more when John's Dad was admitted to the Hospice and again was blown away by the care and compassion of all the staff from doctors and nurses to catering staff and cleaners, shown not just to Dad but to the whole family. This continued once Dad had died with sympathy and practical help with all the arrangements that needed to be made.