About us

Better Way opposes assisted suicide and sets out a positive, alternative vision for the UK.

We’ve looked at the troubling experience of Canada, a jurisdiction very similar to our own, which introduced the practice in 2016.

We’ve also listened to those with lived experience of terminal illness. A huge number of such people oppose a change in the law.

The evidence is clear, assisted suicide poses many dangers to society. In Canada, access to palliative care and other forms of specialist support has diminished. Existing structural inequalities have been made worse. ‘Safeguards’ have proved completely ineffective and have been dispensed with quickly. 

We cannot risk these harmful outcomes in the UK, especially in a post-coronavirus world where healthcare budgets are stretched. Instead of opening the door to assisted suicide, politicians should pursue truly compassionate and beneficial policies for those implicated by a change in the law.

We have a better vision for the UK. A vision involving better access to palliative care, a redoubling of efforts to prevent suicides, action on elder abuse and loneliness, and greater disability equality. These noble goals are only attainable so long as the door to assisted suicide remains firmly shut.

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