About us

Better Way opposes assisted suicide and sets out a positive, alternative vision for the nations of the UK.

We’ve looked at troubling evidence from other nations, and focused closely on Canada, a jurisdiction that’s similar to our own.

We’ve also listened to those with lived experience of terminal illness who do not support assisted suicide – a group that’s overlooked.

The evidence is clear: assisted suicide is simply too dangerous. ‘Safeguards’ are ineffective and subject to change. Palliative care is impacted. Marginalised groups are exposed to new, profound risks. And suicide prevention efforts are undermined. We cannot risk these harmful outcomes in the UK.

We have a better vision. A vision involving better access to palliative care, a redoubling of efforts to prevent suicides, and a better society for marginalised groups including the disabled people’s community. This vision is only attainable if the door to assisted suicide remains firmly shut.

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