‘It’s something we’d all regret’


My husband is severely disabled and housebound and others looking in may see only the pain and their perception of a poor quality of life and yes there are times when he gets depressed about what he cannot do. But we have a rich family life. Our daughter has a Dad who is always at home for her, and I have a soulmate who shares my life and enriches it with his wisdom and love - if not by doing the dishes!

In another scenario and when the pain is bad and the drugs not on top of it, as sometimes happens, it would be easy for him to want a way out. And there have been times like that. But then the meds kick in again, or my daughter's zest for life pulls him out, or I find the strength to be more positive and he sees the bigger picture than just what he cannot do - and I am so glad that there wasn't an easy way out that we'd all regret.