Palliative medics strongly oppose assisted suicide

Responding to a poll at the Association of Anaesthetists annual conference in Edinburgh showing support for ‘assisted dying’ Dr Miro Griffiths, spokesman for the Better Way campaign, highlighted another survey of Scottish palliative doctors published earlier this year. He commented:

“Very strong opposition to assisted suicide exists among palliative care doctors, who have expert knowledge of its likely impact on dying people. 9 in 10 Scottish end-of-life doctors say it would have a negative impact on palliative care services.

“A staggering 9 in 10 do not believe proposed legal safeguards would prevent harm to vulnerable patients under their care. And Almost 8 in 10 think assisted suicide would have a negative impact on their conversations with patients and families.

“With proposals of the kind shortly to be considered, there is no room for error or uncertainty. Yet, experts in medicine, disability, suicide prevention, and other fields continue to warn that it is unsafe, unpredictable, and unethical.

“We call on MSPs to oppose ‘assisted dying’. We are confident Scotland can articulate a better way forward that does not put vulnerable patients and marginalised and oppressed communities at risk of irreversible harm.”


Notes for editors

Better Way opposes assisted suicide, sets out an alternative vision, and provides a platform for marginalised voices. The campaign is supported by experts in several fields including medicine, disability advocacy, and sociology.

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