Miro Griffiths

Disability expert: Isle of Man politicians must oppose assisted suicide

An expert advisor on disability has warned that assisted suicide cannot be made safe ahead of a vote in the House of Keys.

MHKs are set to consider private members legislation – the Assisted Dying Bill 2023 – at second reading.

Dr Miro Griffiths, an expert advisor on disability and spokesman for the Better Way campaign, commented:

“Supporters of ‘assisted dying’ describe their desire for a narrow, safe law but they can’t guarantee this – no matter how legislation is drafted. The experience of other countries tells us this. In jurisdictions with both long-standing and recent laws, safeguards have failed, been eroded, or been dispensed with. When this happens, it is disabled people, the poor, and the vulnerable who are worst affected.

“The only sure way to avoid abuses and permissive legislation is to keep the Pandora’s Box of assisted suicide closed. There’s a better way forward for the Isle of Man and the British Isles more widely, involving improvements in end-of-life care, greater suicide prevention, and better affirmation and inclusion of marginalised communities. I urge MHKs to choose a path of hope and help over a path of despair.”


Notes for editors

Better Way opposes assisted suicide, sets out an alternative vision, and provides a platform for marginalised voices. The campaign is supported by experts in medicine, disability advocacy, and sociology. A high-quality image of Dr Miro Griffiths is available on request.

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