Better Way to fight Scottish assisted suicide bill, due in coming weeks

This afternoon, it emerged that a long-anticipated ‘assisted dying’ bill from Liam McArthur MSP will be formally lodged at Holyrood in the “coming weeks”.

Responding to the news, Dr Miro Griffiths, a disability scholar and spokesman for Better Way, said: “We will be standing with many others in Scotland against Mr McArthur’s ‘assisted dying’ bill. This proposal threatens the most vulnerable and marginalised in society, and no amount of legal drafting, or politicians’ promises, can make it ‘safe’.

“We are deeply worried about the impact of a change in the law on patient safety, disability equality, suicide prevention and in other areas. Marginalised people facing severe forms of inequality would be subjected to overt and covert pressure to end their lives. This is why ‘assisted dying’ has been rejected time and again in the UK.

“MSPs rightly recognise the postcode lottery that exists in palliative care provision. In our view it would be profoundly wrong to legislate for doctor assisted suicide at a time when the care needs of dying Scots are not being met. People would inevitably opt to end their lives due to an unjust lack of care, and there’s a risk of costly end-of-life care being disincentivised.

“The current law is the best safeguard against abuse and injustice. We urge MSPs in every party to oppose ‘assisted dying’ and embrace a better way forward.”


Notes for editors:

Better Way is a non-political, not-for-profit campaign supported by experts in several fields. It was founded in 2021 to oppose assisted suicide and posit a better way forward, whilst providing a platform for marginalised voices.


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